Retrofit Coordinator – Who Needs One?

PAS 2035:2019 is mandatory from 1st July 2021 where all work under ECO (Energy Company Obligation) must comply and it is expected that any Government-led and public funded retrofit must also comply.

Domestic property owners, such as Social Landlords should adopt PAS 2035:2019, including the appointment of a Retrofit Coordinator when commissioning improvement measures to improve the energy efficiency of existing housing stock.

Examples of public-funded projects where PAS 2035:2019 is a mandatory requirement from 1st July 2021:

Who needs a Retrofit Coordinator

Social housing providers

Local Authority & RSL housing providers who are responsible for the management of domestic property portfolios that are to benefit from energy efficiency measures in accordance with PAS 2035:2019.

Area-based scheme projects

Area-based scheme projects (e.g. Home Energy Efficiency Programme in Scotland (HEEPS)) are to be carried out in accordance with the PAS 2035:2019 standards.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

All work under ECO must comply with PAS 2035:2019 where an appointed Retrofit Coordinators will be responsible for the delivery of domestic retrofit projects.

Local authority Flexible Eligibility (LA Flex)

All energy efficiency installations carried out across local authority areas that meet the minimum requirements under the Flexible Eligibility scheme as part of ECO3, are to be completed in accordance with the PAS 2035:2019 standards.

Local Authority Delivery (LAD) scheme

All new projects commissioned under the LAD scheme are required to have TrustMark registered status with PAS 2035:2019 standards applied.

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