Diamond & Co: Retrofit Coordinator specialists

Welcome to Diamond & Co (Scotland) Ltd, a TrustMark registered end-to-end retrofit service providing you with a single point of contact for the assessment, design, and coordination of your PAS 2035:2019 domestic retrofit project and a number of other professional building surveying services if required.

Diamond & Co (Scotland) Ltd’s full end-to-end retrofit service covers Path A, B & C projects in conventional, high-rise and traditional buildings.


Why is Retrofit essential?

The built environment contributes to approximately 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint and the Scottish Government is committed to achieving net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.

Since 80% of the homes we will be living in by 2050 have already been built, a nationwide retrofit programme of existing housing is the only way to ensure homes are low-carbon, low-energy and resilient to a changing climate.

In order to comply with the Government’s carbon-emissions reduction targets, an average of approximately 12,000 UK homes need to be retrofitted every week between now and 2050 (i.e. approximately 1 home per minute) through the installation of high-specification energy efficiency and improvement measures (e.g. insulation, low carbon heating, renewable technologies and ventilation).


Benefits of Diamond & Co’s retrofit services:

  • PAS 2035:2019 compliant – minimising risk of non-compliant lodgements.
  • Packaged service – full control of end-to-end service minimising risk with third parties.
  • Quality – professional & fully qualified specialising in building surveying and domestic retrofit.
  • Fully insured – all domestic retrofit services are covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurances.
  • Efficiency – quick turnaround minimising risk of projects stalling.


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